Who We Are

Founded in 1944, the Cleveland Chapter accomplishes AJC's mission with quiet diplomacy, bridge building and advocacy focused on issues of importance to our community and around the globe.   AJC is the global advocate for the well-being of the Jewish people and Israel, and for the advancement of democratic values for all. We promote these goals through an agency-wide focus in four key areas:


Through high-level diplomatic meetings, and by leveraging strong relationships with global leaders, AJC gains the support of decision-makers around the world on issues critical to a strong Jewish future.

Legislative advocacy

We advocate with political leaders at the regional and national levels for domestic policies and legislation that advance Israel’s security, the well-being of Jews, and democratic values.

Building Bridges

We build important alliances across diverse ethnic and religious groups in order to work together more effectively in support of democratic values and human rights for all.


AJC’s unparalleled global media presence reaches more people in more countries and in more languages than any other Jewish organization. Staff experts and lay leaders regularly appear worldwide in traditional print and electronic media, and in prominent blogs.


Why our work matters now

While AJC advocates for a wide range of issues critical to our mission, we currently focus on three priorities that are key to preserving a secure Jewish future and democratic values.

 Combating Global Anti-Semitism

What we face:  The eruption of anti-Semitism throughout the world, and particularly in Europe, threatens the physical safety of Jews and tears at the fabric of democratic society.

What we do:  The efforts of AJC's European Office on anti-Semitism, in conjunction with AJC's offices in Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Rome, are focused on vigilantly monitoring anti-Semitism and proactively preventing its spread.  AJC works closely with local Jewish communities on this front, and, in many cases, directly with top governmental officials.

 Israel's Peace and Security:

What we face:  Shifting alliances and new, emerging governments in the Middle East are creating further instability in the region and increasing assaults on Israel’s right to exist.

What we do:  AJC’s diplomacy at the highest levels of government around the world promotes greater understanding and builds coalitions to support the security and standing of Israel.

Iran’s nuclear threat

What we face:  Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability, and its aggressive positions on the regional and international stage, destabilize the balance of power in the Middle East, and further threaten the security of Israel, the United States, and U.S. allies in Europe, the Arab world, and Asia.

What we do:  AJC alerted the world to Iran’s nuclear aspirations years before many others recognized the threat. We continue to advocate for the denial of Iran’s nuclear capability through high-level global diplomacy and legislative channels. AJC actively promotes global support for heightened economic sanctions, increased political and diplomatic isolation, and for keeping all options credibly on the table.

How You Can Get Involved

AJC Cleveland strives to provide programming locally that builds bridges and promotes understandingin order to ensure a secure Jewish future.  To hear about events, sign up to be involved, and participate in our advocacy, join our mailing list!


A younger generation is increasingly shaping public opinion and policy around the world.  We think it's crucially important that Jewish voices participate in the conversation.  ACCESS positions young Jewish professionals at the forefront of this engagement.  We empower members to engage on Israel, Iran and the greater Middle East, on challenges to civility, tolerance and democracy globally, and to do so in a way that is thoughtful and effective.  Recognized two years in a row by Slingshot Magazine, ACCESS Cleveland organizes programs that directly address the interests and concerns of AJC's emerging leadership.  ACCESS opens channels to key opinion makers and facilitates meaningful bridge building, advocacy and long term connections. 

To get involved, send us an e-mail at cleveland@ajc.org.

Lee C. Shapiro, Director
Michael Cantor, President

(216) 781-6035